Oliver Jennings – Every object has a spirit

 I came across this piece  called “Every object called has a spirit” by Oliver Jennings on  Itsnicethat . I found this really interesting  especially as a person becoming in tune with my spirituality. Oliver Jennings  takes objects from our day to day lives, and connects them  to  a sound recording device in order to record the “spirit” of the natural sound that lies within. The objects ranged from house plants to bridges!


As humans I feel due to fear of the unknown we tend to cling on to idea that we are the most “alive” entity, and every other thing that we come up against we’ll measure  against our own “aliveness” or our own knowledge. Louis khan once said “Even a brick wants to be something“. And this video is sound proof that everything  has a “spirit” from the  human being to the inanimate object.

2 responses to “Oliver Jennings – Every object has a spirit

  1. thanks for this Dayo, really interesting and rewarding to read peoples responses to your work, glad it struck a spiritual chord with you aswell, that was my ultimate goal with this film and your the first person I have heard who has recognised this !

    • I can imagine! That’s definately the power of a great peice of work, you should feel amazing, if you don’t already! Thank you for reading my repsonse!

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